Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sanskarbharti Rangoli on Padwa

Stencil Rangoli

Template Rangoli

This is a new type of Rangoli which called template rangoli. Whats new in it is i am using a design cutout of wood. As you can see red coloured design which very basic shape of mehendi design etc. is highlight of this rangoli. I use wood for its base and applied red oil-paint on it. For decorating it, i use white pearls and blue kundans or stones at the corners of design. In center i put mirrors and yellow kundans. This kundans and pearls makes this template look different for other rangolis.
After that, at down side stensil of rangoli, which is having design of laxmi's feet. which is very religious and imp part of rangoli.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

About Diwali festival

        Diwali is one festival that every Hindu will look forward to is Diwali. It is the time to shop for new clothes, to clean and spruce up the home as it is a joyous celebration stretched over five days. Homes sparkle with diyas and lights, the air is laden with fireworks' smoke and the kitchens abuzz with activity for loads of sweets and savouries are to be dished up.

        As rows of diyas light up the home, it symbolises the victory of righteousness and lifting of spiritual darkness. Thus it is called festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated twenty days after Dassera, on amavasya (new moon), the fifteenth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Ashvin.

The five days of Diwali have their own identities and significance. They are known as Dhantrayodashi (Dhanteras), Narakchaturdashi (Kali Chaudas), Diwali (Laxmi Pujan), Bali Pratipada (Govardhan Pooja) and Bhaubij (Bhaiya Dooj).

Diwali cannot be explained in nutshell. But if it all has to be to done, we could say…. It is a festival of lights that illuminates love in our hearts… It is a festival that touches the roots of our souls with sweetness…..

Wish u all very Happy and Prosperous Diwali....!!!!!

Rangoli - Sanskarbharati


Rangoli is a 1 more Indian tradition. This rangoli called as "Sanskarbharati" This rangoli drawn with 5 fingers of hand. Its each shape has some meaning of this rangoli. I drawn this rangoli before 4-5 years in Diwali. 

Diya Thali(plate) for Diwali

After long time I made Diya thali for Diwali celebration. This is a festive season. And i just love to decorate my house with Rangoli, diff diya's, lamps.
For making this Thali, i use ceramic clay plate for base. And 8 molds of Diya. Even i am using Tulasi mold in center. It looks perfect with all Diya's.
I use metalic colours, golden colour and kundans to decorate it. First i colour all diya's and then i stick them to my plate.

Diya for Diwali - 5

This is a bit different mold. Its having 5 Diya's. I am using golden colour too for this.

Diya for Diwali - 4

Diya for Diwali - 3

Diya for Diwali festival - 2

These molds are easily avaible in market now a days. Even we can get alredy coloured mold too. But I love to colour them. For this one i am using red, green, white colour oil-paint.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Diya for Diwali festival

It's a festival time!!! "Diwali", India's biggest festival. This is a festival of Lights, Colours. For this occasion we decorate our house with different Diya's or lamp , Rangoli. We make so many types of sweets.
I bring the mold of Diya from market, it was only brown in colour. I used red, yellow, green, white oilpaints to colour this. But before colouring them we need to wash them with water, otherwise paint will be not spead evenly.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sparkle Painting (frame)

 This is "Dandiya Raas" design. In India there is a festival called Navratri, It is 9 days festival. People plays Dandiya with their family and friends. I use Golden Sparkle to paint this Drawing and after sompleting i framed it. Below is a closer look of painting;

Pot decoration

This one is my old pot decoraton, which is still in my house in india. i use 3 pots and 1 kalash for this. I use red and green oil- paint to colour it. And i use kundans, rings and bandhani cloth to decorate it.

Mehendi design

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ceramic (frame) Work

Mehendi - Marwadi style

Arabic style full hand - Mehendi - 4

Arabic style full hand - Mehendi - 3

Arabic style full hand - Mehendi -2

This back side of first hand.

Arabic style full hand - Mehendi

This month i was really busy as i am in india for sometime. Even this month is festive time for all hindus. In this month we celebrate many festivals like Teez, Rakhi, Hartalika etc. I have drawn dis mehendi for Teez. It is again very big festival of Maheshwaries. This is Arabic style full hand Mehendi.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quilled Insects

Everytime whenever i do quilling, i feel like i am doing only flowers and leaves. So, today i thought let's try something different, let's do some fun with quilling tecq. See what i tried today, Insects !!! :) can you imagine these tiny paper strips can give look of Insects too.....hmmmmmm.....ya.... Have a look below;
I took grey card sheet and i am using many colours for making Insects.....

Well, well, well, you can start guessing the Insects... ha ha ... I am having real fun while making them....

I just finished making all of them and also sticking them on card sheet. But i am felling like i need to give finishing touch to cardsheet in center.

Greeting card with Qulling tech - 6

New month started and the best thing to start the new month is my fav art work Quilling. Today i am doing one card.
I just took white cardsheet and green, red, yellow strips for design. I am sticking green strips to give it grass look.

Well, now this the imp thing in this card. I made one tight round of red strip. then i took a toothpick to give it a bell type of shape. Just hold red round in left hand and hold toothpick in right hand and insert it inside the red round. and stick it. Very simple but need to do it a bit carefully.

1more thing in this card is green grass. For this you just need big strip and just keep folding it little bigger and bigger. I think these bell type quilling looks very attractive. I am gonna use this type of quilling in my coming projects.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Greeting card with Quilling tecq. - 5

Again 1 more simple card. Base is grey and i am using red, yellow, pink , green strips for quilling.

Geeting card with Quilling tecq. - 4

I just enjoyed my day today while quilling. For this card i use green colour card for base and red, yellow and green strips for quilling tecq. From todays all 4 cards this is my fav. It is very simple yet very sobar and nice. well this is my feeling. let me know you all like it or not... I am just loving Quilled tecq day by day more... Catch you all again with some more art.....till then "Keep Smiling" :)

Geeting card with Quilling tecq. - 3

This is my third greeting card; I use yellow colour card for base and red, blue and yellow colour strips for Quilling. Have a look below;

Geeting card with Quilling tecq. - 2

today i decided in morning that i'll finish atleast 2-3 cards with quilling, and really it took very less time and completed. Now my 2nd card as below;

I use re nad yellow card for base and red, blue, yellow strips for quilling design. Now below is completed greeting card;

Greeting card with Quilling tecq - 1

Today i tried some Greeting cards with Quilling tecq. We always need geeting cards for all occasions, so i thought let's try out some. and it was really an hour job, and i completed 3-4 cards at a time.
lets see my 1st card;

I am using bottle green and green colour card for base. And for quilling design i am using pink, yellow, parrot green, red colour strips. In 1st flower i am using trangular petals of pink colour. Below it's complete version of card, have a look;