Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilling on Envelope -4

I have again took white envelope and using blue, pink, white & yellow colour for quilling.

In this i have given the petals shape to the flower.

Quilling on Envelope -3

This time i am using white envelope. I am using blue, white, yellow and pink colour for quilling on it.

Again this one is simple but looking nice and neat.

Quilling on Envelope -2

This is my another hand made envelope which i am using for quilling. This envelope i made from thick gift wrapping paper.

I am using pink and yellow colour for the quilling this envelope. I had made heart shape flowers on it. This paper is already very rich in look so giving just a simple look to it.

This is completed envelope. Next snap you can see closer look of flower;

Quilling on Envelope -1

I have took my hand made envelope today for Quilling..... It is a normal cardpaper and i ahve given ribbion effect like on gift wrapping with another paper on it.

I use blue and yellow colour for quilling the flowers. It's very less time taking, just finished in 10 mins.
We always use envelopes for diff purposes. If we decorate them with such things it looks nice.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rabbit with Quilling

This is my 2nd Quilling so trying again 1 more simple one, Rabbit.

I am using Pink, Yellow colour to make Rabbit and for background gray colour cardshit. I just cut cardshit round so i can stick it anywhere like greeting card for kids or on gift wrapping we can stick it. Or it can be just hang in kids room.

I completed it very fast. one closer look in next pic;

you can also stick eyes to it ....

Soon posting some bigger quillied things....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopping bag with Paper Quilling

Today i am quilling on a Shopping bag. This is my first try. So, i am doing it little bit simple way. Have look at the below pic, i have taken while working on it. I have chose pink and yellow colour heart shape flowers for this bag. It really suits to bag colour. And green colour for leaves.

while Quilling i felt Quilling is not time taking job at all but sticking it some where is really time taking....... specially this leave sticking anywhere is tough job. Its so delicate to handle. Even we should be careful while sticking the flower too. Now in below pic you can see completed quilled Shopping bag.

One more closer look of flower in next pic,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paper Quilling

Now a days i am very facinated with Paper Quilling techq. In market these kind of papers are avaible or for practise you can start with any normal but thin paper. In market these papers are already cut in thin size bt if you are doing it 1st time then just cut your thing paper into 3mm or 5mm width like a long stip below. Quilling isn't a difficult craft, but it can take a little practice to get the tension right.

I cut normal A4 size paper in to3mm strips. Now for quilling we need a quilling tool like below;

I have done my practise with toothpick, i just give a slit to toothpick by paper cutter and started to quill. I took strip of paper and gently put the end into the slot of the tool. Make sure that only the tiniest bit of paper protrudes through to the other side of the slot. Then, holding the tool in right hand and the paper between other hand, slowly turned the quilling tool so that the paper winds evenly around the tip. Keep some tension on the paper while turning the tool, but if we tug too hard it may tear it! so we should be careful about it. By turn the tool upside down, & allowing the quilled coil to fall on any platform. The paper will begin to uncoil a little, then when it stops uncoiling use a toothpick to stick the glue on the end of the paper. Hold the paper together for a moment or two until the glue dries. Here are some basic shapes and samples;

these shape i found on net so just posting for information. Now soon i will post my quilling flowers, cards, photo frames etc. Well i have found very interesting info on this basic shapes, hope u all find it easy too.

The teardrop

Pick up your coil and with the thumb and index finger pinch it together forming a shape with a point at one end and leaving the other end rounded. This is a useful shape for flower petals.

The petal

Taking your teardrop shape, gently press your pointed end to one side to curve it over.

The marquise or eye shape

Take another coil and this time hold it between the thumb and index fingers of both hands. Pinch tightly with both hands to form points at each end. The marquise is one of the most useful shapes in quilling.

The leaf

Make another marquise but this time after pinching the ends move them in opposite directions creating a twist in the shape.

The half moon or crescent

You will need your quilling tool again for this shape. Take one of your coils and push the handle of the tool into the circle, squeezing the two ends to form points.

The triangle

A slightly tricky one this time. Holding the circle between your index fingers of each hand, push the bottom of the circle up with your thumbs to create a triangle. Pinch the three corners to sharpen them up.

The tulip

Start by making the teardrop shape but before letting go of the pinched end push it back into the main part of the circle to form an indentation. Sharpen up the two outside points if required but they can be left rounded.

Bunny ear or shield

Similar in appearance to the crescent, this shape is made without using the quilling tool as a former. Holding the coil in one hand use the index finger on the other hand to push an indentation into the circle. Then pinch the two resulting points to sharpen up the shape and make the ears.

The arrow

First make a teardrop by pinching one end. Then, holding the pinched end, use your finger to push the other end towards your other hand forming an indentation. Pinch the points to sharpen up the shape.

The star

Make a marquise as before, then turn the shape 90 degrees and repeat, pinching two more points to make a star. Press hard at each point to sharpen up the shape.

The square

This one needs both thumbs and both index fingers! Hold the circle between all four digits and gently press into a square shape. Squeeze each corner to transform your circle into a square.

The holly leaf

A pair of pointed craft tweezers are useful when making this shape which is, of course, great for quilled Christmas cards.
Squeeze your circle together in the center using your tweezers. Using your fingers pinch one end and push it towards the center, repeat at other end to form a holly leaf shape.

Paper quilling instructions - Open coil
Open coils or scrollwork can add a delicate touch to a quilled item. This time we do not glue the end of the paper strip once it is coiled.

Open circle

Easy one! Just coil as normal but after leaving it to relax do not glue the end.Open coils or scroll work can add a delicate touch to a quilled item. This time we do not glue the end of the paper strip once it is coiled.

Open circle

Easy one! Just coil as normal but after leaving it to relax do not glue the end.

Open heart

Take your length of quilling paper and fold it in half. Roll from one end in towards the fold line until a small section of paper is left preceding the fold. Do the same for the other end. Try to leave the same amount of free paper on each side of the heart so that it lines up nicely when finished.

Open V

Worked in the same manner as the heart above, but roll away from the fold line creating the coils on the outside so that the finished result looks like a letter V with outward facing curls on the open ends.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Model sketch again --- In making

Model sketch again --- In making

I have got the snap on net. From 2 days i have complete only this much, as you can see. Just feeling lazy. In this snap her dress is the highlight, even we cant see the face we can feel emotions, the quiteness of the snap. Well i know when it'll complete only then you can see that. :) :) But soon i will complete it and post it.

Model sketch again....

Model sketch again....

Its a another Model sketch again. Now its a complete version, upside snap i tk while drawing. I saw the snap while surfing on net. When i saw it i just loved it at first sight. I just love her dress, her style of sitting backside. I never drawn such backside sketch before so tried it. Even if we cant see her face but this snap speak itself a lot... I just like the quiteness in the snap, we can feel it in first sight. i completed this in 3 days. Acrually it was quite simple but i was being lazy to complete it. This one again my fav 1....

It's Me !!!

It's ME !!!

Well, after taking long time my own sketch is completed. I've taken this to draw before many days but some how dont know i was not in mood to draw my own sketch. It was half done till last month march, and i complete it yesterday finally. Actually i really dont want to draw myself but my hubby wanted me to draw it ... This snap is from my wedding album. This is taken before my sangeet programe. Actually this came out really good that my photographer asked me that can he make it large in his office to show his skills :) to other ppl, I obiviously dont want him to do tht but anywys it was a big complement. I just happy for this sketch tht its finally complete...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puja Thali Decoration

Puja Thali Decoration

This Thali i made for my wedding. We use this Thali in every Puja during wedding. This Thali is containing some small bouls for Kumkum, Haldi, Mehendi etc. There is small Diya & Dhoopbatti stand and Kalash. These things are very imp in Puja Thali. I use normal steel plate for this. The base colour red is oilpaint. The purpose of using the oilpaint is it should not wash if we wash the plate. It should remain there forever. And why this Thali is different from others that i have done Cone Painting on it. I made Cone like Mehendi cones and fill it with colours and directly apply on the plate. I also use different size Kundans or Stones to decorate it. For Cone painting it tooks so much time and patience and also very good painting skill. Or else it can really messed up. Also it needs Mehendi skills or practise to hold the cone and paint it. The consistancy of the colours play very imp part while cone painting. But it looks very neat very beautiful. It gives really very diff effect than others.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Diwali Thali & Diya's Decoration

Diwali Thali & Diya's Decoration
I made this Thali with normal steel plate and clay Diya's. I use normal colours to paint this. And for big Red Diya i buy Diya sacha at clay shop and applied oil paint on it. And decorate it with mirrors and its ready to light to my house in Diwali.

Diwali Thali Decoration

Diwali Thali Decoration
I made this Thali just before my Wedding. I gave some gifts to my mother-in-law at Diwali time. This is one of them. Everybody likes my Thali so much that at my In Laws, every told me that please dont use this Thali, just keep it like this only, its very beautiful etc. I was so happy to hear this. I used thick clay plate, small 'Diya's , Tulsi statue, Kavdi's, Satin flowers, Oil paint, Golden colour, Mirrors, Moli etc... It tooks 2-3 days for me to work on this plate.

this one is bit clear view of Plate.

Thali Decoration - Puja Thali (Plate)

Thali Decoration - Puja Thali
This is Puja Thali (Plate). We use this type of Thali in our Marwari Weddings. I made this Thali in my cousin brothers wedding. In the center of the Thali there is Kalash. Its very imp. Then there are some bowls, which containing "Kumkum, Haldi. Akshta, Gulal, Mehendi, Moli, Gud. Also in Puja Thali should contain Ganesha's statue, Diya, Ful. etc. I made this Thali in 2 days. Thankful to the photographer who has taken the snap, i forgot to tk it.

"Bay" or Pot Design

"Bay or Pot Design"
If you can see in these snap Red Pots or like small 3 mutka's which we Marwaris use only in Wedding. We Marwaris call them "Bay". I took 3 different size Pots and one kalash for every set. I use Oil-paint, Kundans, Golden metal colour for this. I made this for my wedding. We use them in "Binayak" puja. I made 4 set of it and 2 kalash.

Mehendi Design - Rajstani style

Mehendi Design - Rajstani style
This Mehendi is for the festival "GinGaur". We are Maheshwari (Marwari). We are besically from Rajstan. But we settled in Maharashtra. In Marwaris Mehendi plays very imp. role in each and every festival. We have 2 main big festivals like "GinGaur" and "Teez". During almost every festival we put Mehendi on our hands. My Mom says she is missing me from last 2 years, as i alwys put Mehendi on her hands. Now i am in Korea. so... In korea you can find Mehendi cones in some Indian Marts. But I always bring them from India.
About this design, its called Rajstani style, as it is very delicate and hands-full.
Soon i'll post some more pics and also my wedding mehendi snaps too.

Mehendi Design - Arabic style

Mehendi - Arabic style
This is again my fav. work or hobby. I can spend hours and hours for drawing mehendi. Few years ago, ppl doesnt know about the Mehendi cones which we get easily now in any general stores in India. That time ladies put Mehendi with any small stick on hand to apply it. Then cone style has came. Now a days there are more than 20 to 25 styles of applying Mehendi on hads or legs. Like Marwari style, Kolkata style, Mumbai style, Arabic style, Rajstani style, Bridal style, Engagement style, Zardosi style, Kundan style, Tatto style and lots more.... It was our festival of Marwaris called "GinGaur" in last march, so it was Mehendi time for me.  Arabic style is very famous now a days, bcoz it doesnt tk much time to apply. I applied it in almost 10-15 mins. Soon gonna post more of them...