Friday, April 9, 2010

Mehendi Design - Rajstani style

Mehendi Design - Rajstani style
This Mehendi is for the festival "GinGaur". We are Maheshwari (Marwari). We are besically from Rajstan. But we settled in Maharashtra. In Marwaris Mehendi plays very imp. role in each and every festival. We have 2 main big festivals like "GinGaur" and "Teez". During almost every festival we put Mehendi on our hands. My Mom says she is missing me from last 2 years, as i alwys put Mehendi on her hands. Now i am in Korea. so... In korea you can find Mehendi cones in some Indian Marts. But I always bring them from India.
About this design, its called Rajstani style, as it is very delicate and hands-full.
Soon i'll post some more pics and also my wedding mehendi snaps too.

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