Friday, March 27, 2009

Angel Sketch

Angel Sketch
This is my recent sketch. i just luv Angel So thought to draw it.
This sketch is required just 1 type of sketching on whole sketch.
So it was less work for me this time.
Normally while sketching it takes time for shading and matchng the shading with d picture.
I hope its not very light sketch. But its my fav 1.
Hope u all like it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Doll colour sketch

Doll colour sketch
This is barbie doll sketch. I saw this snap somewhere online. Took print of it and started my work. I just liked her blue hairs, So applied blue shade in sketch. I used normal pencil colours. It doesnt gve me the exact effect which i want, I really miss my stadlers this time.... But anywys somehow i manage with the normal pencils.

Colour sketch

Colour sketch
This sketch is combination of normal pencil & colour pencils. This snap was very expressive. I found it in google while searching images. It was showing very high emotions. So i cudnt control myself to draw it. By d way this is not with Stadlers pencils. As i forget them in india, but soon i'll upload Steadlers pencils sketches too. Sketching with Steadler pencils get very good shades & also play very imp role in drawing. Most of us or painters use the same. Their quality of shading, the texture which we get with Stadlers is just amazing. Other brand could be there. But in India normally all artists use Steadlers for colouring. And ya they are very expensive too. You can use them as water colour too. I soon gonna post some pics like that.

Model with mask

Model with Mask
I click this snap when i was drawing it ... It is little bit incomplete....
Her eyes and bindi are still incomplete with perfect colors. You can check complete sketch in next post. This is my most fav sketch. I find this snap in some indian magazine. I think may be she is Lisa ray, i am not sure. But many of my friends calls her Lisa ray, dont know why.... When i put this snap in my orkut most of my friends loved it so much. 1 of my friend told me that this dosnt look incomplete. Keep it like it is. But i coloured it.... Anywys check its full version too...

Model with mask

Model with Mask
This is my most fav sketch.
This is complete sketch from the earlier one.
Even many of my friends like this one so much. I think she is lisa ray but i am not sure. as she is having mask, but i just luved to draw this 1. Again this sketch didnot took much time. I finished it in a 4 hrs.
Now i want to try some korean models too. Lets c...


I found this snap in some magazine. I dont know is she model or hollywood actress, but liked her snap and my pencil started as usual... Well this is my 1 of the very fastest sketch. I have completed this one in only 2 hrs almost. I feel every snap speaks about some diff emotions. Whenever i see any faces in magazines or newspapers or on net, if i like the mood of snap or emotions of snap just start working on it. Actually i am very moody. Whenever i feel like drawing i just do it at that time and cant wait till it finishes. Now a days i am trying to draw a bit faster. Soon you are going to see my own sketch..... Its already completed...

My dearest Bro

My dearest brother... Hrishikesh.
He is currently pursuing M.B.B.S. final year.
Last year on his birthday i was not in india. So just surprized him with his sketch. He was so happy to get this wonderful gift from me online :) Actually more than Hrishi his friends loved it as Hrishi posted it in his Orkut profile. One of his best friend actually told me to draw his sketch... He is very fond of drawing too. This snap is from my wedding album.
Now Hrishi want more sketches from me, as now a days i m bit busy in doing some different craft work... so will get some time to do some more.....

My parents

My mummy and papa.
Whom i luv d most in the world. This one is for them.
I'll soon going to upload 1 more sketch of them. It was their anniversary time, and asusual i was in Korea. So i tried to wish them and gift them online with this sketch. This time whn i'll go to india they said bring this to India, we will frame it out. I m happy to hear such comments. I am more motivated after such comments. They alwys there for me wtever i have done in my life. And wtever i achieve till today. My mummy got to know abt my dance talent in my very young age, when i was in 1std i did my 1st stage solo dance performance & also got 1st prize. All the credit goes to mummy and papa.
         My papa is "Heart and Dibetics specialist" doctor, bt he never force me to choose same line. He knows my talents in Drawing, painting, Dancing all artistic things, so he allowed me to do Fashion designing without hesitation. But my bro is following him. Soon there will be 1 more Doc in our family.
This snap is from my wedding album.


Just a Rose
I luv flowers... so just tried this on paper. Actually this one is for practise so paper quality is normal. So the pencil shading texture is also not very gud but i managed it... I'll soon post some colourful sketches which i drawn with stadlers....

Water in glass

Water in Glass 
This is just for practise or you can say tp..... There is actually not much scope to shade in this , but still when i saw the snap online, i love that dropping water style. So drwan it for practise.


1 more model sketch. Dont know what made me to draw this sketch, but i feel this snap is vry different. so drawn it. This snap is having light on model face from upside so bottom side is all (shade) dark. It was showing some different kind of expressions so tried it.

Vj - My Hubby

Vijay - my hubby....
Actually from last few days i was doing bit practise to draw his sketch. Bcoz i have done it in school time, its long gap in between. But i hope i didnt lost at all. I actually done it in 8 or 9th std. After that never tried sketching faces.It was our "1st anniversary" time. I want to give Vj some different surprize. Cooking surprizes men always love it. But i tried with sketch. So it took 2-3 days almost for 1hr everyday to draw it. He loved it very much. So thankfully i also gt motivated to draw some more .... :) :) :)



I used HB & 2B only for this one. This is just a cartoon model, dont know who is she. But i liked the snap. I like her hair style. It is very highlighting in the snap. It took 1/2 hr i think to draw it. Again this one is also on normal routine paper. So you can see the diff smooth texture of shading here. There are many types of shading, Dark shading, light shading, Sroke shading. This is light sketch.

Korean girl

Korean Girl

Well this one is practice work. Snap of a korean girl.
I have got this snap in some Korean news paper. I like her hair style so just tried it.
For pencil shading u have to do much practise. Otherwise these pencils strokes doesnt look good in sketch.
Bcoz there is only 1 colour black, so need to do it bit carefully. And 1 more thing paper which you use for drawing play very imp part in shading. If you use smooth paper it'll give smooth texture only. There are artists papers avaible in market you shoud use them while sketching.

Light sketch - only with HB

Light sketch - Only with HB pencil
So finally after 8-9 years of looooooooooooooong gap i started again sketching. In between these years i keep Drwaing & Painting, Ceramic work, Rangoli, Mehendi, Fashion designing sketches & many more things. but Portraits or Sketching is something very differnt, it needs practice, too much effort & patience most Imp. I want to mention 1 thing that i am not at all profesional in this face sketching. I did not took any tranning. I trained by myself only. I just took the snap and started my work. so, to start a good sketch and its shading i practiced with HB 1st day, with this sketch (feb 2009). 1 more thing if u noticed that paper quality is not that gud, its a normal routine paper. When i'll actually start with portraits i'll use different type of paper.
While sketching it's alwys imp to check your paper quality. Otherwise certain required texture will not be executed.

Madhubala- Bollywood actress

Madhubala - Very famous indian actress.
This is my second sketch after Saurav Ganguly. So this is also my very old sketch when i was in school. I cant upload this snap in full size bcoz it is framed. Actually i was searching Madhuri Dixit's snap to draw and in 1 magazine i got this Madhubala snap, and i just luved it so much, so drawn a sketch of her. Madhubala is 1 of the good looking, charming, & finest actress of old times in bollywood. Actually ppl say that Madhuri looks like Madhubala. Soon i am going to draw Madhuri's sketch too.

Saurav Ganguli

Saurav Ganguli
This is one of my older sketch.
This is my 1st sketch when i was in school. I did little practice with hb, 2bs & all pencils which we use for drawing. I also tried with Charcoal pencil too before drawing this sketch. I started my practice with drawing eyes, nose, ears, lips etc. Soon i'll upload those snaps too.
After few drawing finally i started with this one. It was drwan by me when i was in 8th std. That time Ganguly was on top in our cricket team, and also our Indian cricket team captain.
so my 1st sketch is Bengal Tiger. Our very own "DADA" Now he is retired from One day matches but he is still playing "IPL" in the team of Kolkata Knight Riders" !!!