Sunday, March 22, 2009

My parents

My mummy and papa.
Whom i luv d most in the world. This one is for them.
I'll soon going to upload 1 more sketch of them. It was their anniversary time, and asusual i was in Korea. So i tried to wish them and gift them online with this sketch. This time whn i'll go to india they said bring this to India, we will frame it out. I m happy to hear such comments. I am more motivated after such comments. They alwys there for me wtever i have done in my life. And wtever i achieve till today. My mummy got to know abt my dance talent in my very young age, when i was in 1std i did my 1st stage solo dance performance & also got 1st prize. All the credit goes to mummy and papa.
         My papa is "Heart and Dibetics specialist" doctor, bt he never force me to choose same line. He knows my talents in Drawing, painting, Dancing all artistic things, so he allowed me to do Fashion designing without hesitation. But my bro is following him. Soon there will be 1 more Doc in our family.
This snap is from my wedding album.


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