Monday, May 31, 2010

Greeting card with Quilling tecq. - 5

Again 1 more simple card. Base is grey and i am using red, yellow, pink , green strips for quilling.

Geeting card with Quilling tecq. - 4

I just enjoyed my day today while quilling. For this card i use green colour card for base and red, yellow and green strips for quilling tecq. From todays all 4 cards this is my fav. It is very simple yet very sobar and nice. well this is my feeling. let me know you all like it or not... I am just loving Quilled tecq day by day more... Catch you all again with some more art.....till then "Keep Smiling" :)

Geeting card with Quilling tecq. - 3

This is my third greeting card; I use yellow colour card for base and red, blue and yellow colour strips for Quilling. Have a look below;

Geeting card with Quilling tecq. - 2

today i decided in morning that i'll finish atleast 2-3 cards with quilling, and really it took very less time and completed. Now my 2nd card as below;

I use re nad yellow card for base and red, blue, yellow strips for quilling design. Now below is completed greeting card;

Greeting card with Quilling tecq - 1

Today i tried some Greeting cards with Quilling tecq. We always need geeting cards for all occasions, so i thought let's try out some. and it was really an hour job, and i completed 3-4 cards at a time.
lets see my 1st card;

I am using bottle green and green colour card for base. And for quilling design i am using pink, yellow, parrot green, red colour strips. In 1st flower i am using trangular petals of pink colour. Below it's complete version of card, have a look;

Friday, May 28, 2010

Quilling on Envelope - Ganesha

I am always facinated by Lord Ganesha and i do pray of him too. So, this time i thought why not Quilled Ganesha, so i tried to make Ganesha with the paper strips. I am doing Ganesha on Envelope. In Marwaris we always need various envelopes during our wedding time, some kind of parties and on various occasions. So thinking of wedding time i specially try Ganesha on envelope. This is really gud idea to give somebody Ganesha's envelope. I think it's looking amazing. Have a look below;

For this i am using orange envelope and red & yellow strips for making Ganesha. these 3 colours goes very well in wedding kind of occasion.

1 closer look below;

After completing this one i felt like, these are just not only strips, you can create various kind of beautiful art out of this strips. Hope you all like my Ganesha creation. May Lord Ganesha blessed you all and keep you well & healthy. Wait for more on Quilling craft till then "Om Ganeshay Namah"

Quilled Teddy

After some days gap again i am back with some new quilled craft. This craft is so vast that its actually to say its never ending. This time i tried Teddy with Quilling. I am using pink and white colour for this. And for background to stick the Teddy i am using blue greeting card. I alwys like the Pink and Blue combination.

I feel like sometimes we do gift wrapping for kids b'days etc. so if we stick such kind Teddy on gift they'll feel very happy and our gift will also look different from others. From next time i am gonna try out this idea, lets c the reactions....