Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quilled Insects

Everytime whenever i do quilling, i feel like i am doing only flowers and leaves. So, today i thought let's try something different, let's do some fun with quilling tecq. See what i tried today, Insects !!! :) can you imagine these tiny paper strips can give look of Insects too.....hmmmmmm.....ya.... Have a look below;
I took grey card sheet and i am using many colours for making Insects.....

Well, well, well, you can start guessing the Insects... ha ha ... I am having real fun while making them....

I just finished making all of them and also sticking them on card sheet. But i am felling like i need to give finishing touch to cardsheet in center.

Greeting card with Qulling tech - 6

New month started and the best thing to start the new month is my fav art work Quilling. Today i am doing one card.
I just took white cardsheet and green, red, yellow strips for design. I am sticking green strips to give it grass look.

Well, now this the imp thing in this card. I made one tight round of red strip. then i took a toothpick to give it a bell type of shape. Just hold red round in left hand and hold toothpick in right hand and insert it inside the red round. and stick it. Very simple but need to do it a bit carefully.

1more thing in this card is green grass. For this you just need big strip and just keep folding it little bigger and bigger. I think these bell type quilling looks very attractive. I am gonna use this type of quilling in my coming projects.