Sunday, March 22, 2009

Light sketch - only with HB

Light sketch - Only with HB pencil
So finally after 8-9 years of looooooooooooooong gap i started again sketching. In between these years i keep Drwaing & Painting, Ceramic work, Rangoli, Mehendi, Fashion designing sketches & many more things. but Portraits or Sketching is something very differnt, it needs practice, too much effort & patience most Imp. I want to mention 1 thing that i am not at all profesional in this face sketching. I did not took any tranning. I trained by myself only. I just took the snap and started my work. so, to start a good sketch and its shading i practiced with HB 1st day, with this sketch (feb 2009). 1 more thing if u noticed that paper quality is not that gud, its a normal routine paper. When i'll actually start with portraits i'll use different type of paper.
While sketching it's alwys imp to check your paper quality. Otherwise certain required texture will not be executed.

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